Tax law

Tax law

Yulia Maksimova
Yulia Maksimova

A counselor, an advocate, the head of the “Tax Law” practice

The “Tax Law” practice has been successfully functioning from the moment of creation of the TOTUM law firm. The major part of tax law norms is formulated in an ambiguous way. Tax authorities and taxpayers have the same problem with understanding of the correct meaning. It is also difficult for a person without special legal education to find out all the nuances of the tax legislation, and its permanent changing does not make it simpler.

The lawyers of our company have rich work experience in the tax law sphere. They constantly improve their knowledge by taking part in professional events like International tax forum, Tax forum UBA. As a result, the accumulated experience and unusual approach to the cases and decisions let them resolve different situations of the company’s clients.

Due to the services that were provided by the professional team our clients were able to save their money, minimize possible risks, and also protect their business from the tax authorities’ illegal intervention into their activity.


  • tax due diligence;
  • providing consultations and legal conclusions in the taxation sphere;
  • the analysis of the tax authorities’ practice and judicial practice on specific taxation issues;
  • the analysis of the legality of the tax authorities’ request and preparing an appropriate response;
  • providing individual taxation consultations;
  • providing support and representation of the clients’ interests concerning the relationship with the tax authorities;
  • in the annual procedure of applying the declaration of individuals, including persons that are authorized to fulfill state functions or the local government bodies;
  • the taxation planning;
  • tax optimization, including the assessment of the tax burden of the business with the aim of revealing possibilities of its improvement;
  • the assessment of the company’s taxation risks;
  • checking the counterparties of the companies for fictitiousness;
  • the assessment of the taxation legal act consequences;
  • international taxation planning, including the plan of creation of the corporate structures and choosing the jurisdiction for the holding companies;
  • transnational taxation, including consulting on the double taxation avoidance;
  • revealing of the controlled operations and consulting on the transfer pricing issues;
  • with the taxation audit, including preparing the personnel of our clients to such audit;
  • providing administrative and judicial protection of the clients’ interests and rights while settling the disputes with tax authorities.

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