Intellectual property & IT

Intellectual property & IT

Alyona Oksiuta
Alyona Oksiuta

A senior lawyer, the head of the “Intellectual Property & IT” practice

Nowadays the legal protection of subjects to the intellectual property is the most actual issue, this is also connected with powerful technology development, distribution of the Internet means, rapid increase of a creative development, and as a result there is a necessity to prevent violation of rights and legal interests of the parties to the intellectual property.

There are a lot of issues that are becoming actual. For instance: providing an intellectual security of a business, protection from unfair competition, legal protection of the copyright and related rights, especially on the Internet, patenting, the necessity of registration and protection of the rights to the trade marks, protection of the trade secret, providing support with activity issues to the business entities in mass media, fashion and show business spheres, IT companies, and providing legal protection of the startup ideas, etc.

The company has rich work experience concerning the legal protection of the intellectual property rights of our clients. We are ready to become your legal consultant in this sphere to provide you with the intellectual safety of your business and an appropriate legal protection from unfair violence of your intellectual property results. The advocates and the lawyers of our firm represent successfully our clients’ interests in the intellectual property sphere and in the State Service of the intellectual property, commercial and administrative courts, general courts of all instances, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, and other state bodies.


  • consulting on the intellectual property issues;
  • due diligence in the intellectual property & IT spheres;
  • the copyright and related rights;
  • the trademarks and commercial names;
  • patent law (inventions, utility model, industrial design);
  • geographical indication;
  • the intellectual property law concerning the selection achievements (plant varieties, animal breeds);
  • franchising;
  • the intellectual business safety;
  • legal ensurance of the trade secret observance;
  • providing support with activity issues to the business entities in mass media, fashion and show business spheres, IT companies, legal protection of the startup ideas;
  • matters concerning unfair competition in the intellectual property sphere;
  • customs protection of the intellectual property;
  • registration of intellectual property rights (national and international systems);
  • purchasing of the intellectual property rights;
  • providing support with the licensing agreements;
  • providing support and representation of the clients’ interests in the judicial proceedings concerning the intellectual property issues.

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